Answers to our Questionnaire for Visitors of Solomon Islands

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Sex? female
Profession/occupation? Medical Student
Medical school year or years of experience since graduation? 6
Home country? Switzerland
What made you want to go to Solomon Islands? browsing the web, reading articles, talking to a previous visitor
Did you go alone or in company? alone
Arriving in Solomon Islands
When did you arrive in Solomon Islands? July 2015
Did you encounter any bureaucratic difficulties? yes, extending my visitor visa at the Ministry of Immigration
What was your first impression after arrival? it was raining; developing country
Living in Solomon Islands
What did positively surprise you? the quality of the operations
What did negatively surprise you? even kids chewing betel nuts
What took longest to get used to? Pijin, especially talking
What did you miss most in Solomon Islands? good bread and cheese
What should you have brought along? more chocolate, medical equipment (suture for Kilu'ufi ...)
What did you do to prevent malaria? Malarone
Place and province where you spent most of your time? Honiara, Honiara-City
Other places/provinces where you stayed? Kilu'ufi (Auki), Malaita; Gizo, Western Province
Where did you stay? Jubilee House, AM Family Inn, Ceglies Guesthouse
How long did you stay at each location? 8 weeks, 1 week, 3 days
How much did you pay for each? SBD 60 to 200
Where did you usually eat? at home
What did you typically pay for a normal meal? SBD 80 to 120
What local food/beverage did you like most? Sweet potatoes, Solbrew
What local food/beverage did you like least? -
Mobile phone services
If you brought along a mobile phone, which services did you successfully use? [-]
Comments? Swisscom SIM card didn't work. I bought a local SIM card
Money matters
Used a Maestro debit card to get cash at ATMs, used a Mastercard credit card to pay for goods and services.
Comments? There are no ATMs in some regions
Working in Solomon Islands
How did you usually go to work? walk, by bus
Where did you work? NRH, Orthopeadic Departement
What was your occupation? Medical Student
What were your working days and hours? Mon - Fri, sometimes on Saturday
What was particularly difficult in regard to your work? -
Did you feel accepted by the locals? yes
What did you usually do in your spare time after work? sports, meeting others
Questions for medical trainees of all levels (students to registrars)
How was the supervision? close
Comments [-]
How was the teaching? good
Comments [-]
Leaving Solomon Islands and looking back
When did you leave Solomon Islands? September 2015
How long was your stay? 3 months
How do you judge the length of your stay? too short
What did you learn from the locals? a lot, Solomon time; the way they handle diseases
Your advice to prospective visitors? go, do as much as you can and enjoy
What did you miss most when back at home again? the team, the work, ...
What did you enjoy most when back at home again? dark bread and cheese
Would you go back for another stay? Anytime!
Estimated total cost of your stay (including travel costs)? CHF 5,000
Additional comments? Don't change the team too often, go and travel in the Solomons, try to learn Pijin, talk with the locals, meet the expats, enjoy your stay!

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