Answers to our Questionnaire for Visitors of Solomon Islands

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Sex? male
Profession/occupation? medical student
Home country? Switzerland
What made you want to go to Solomon Islands? talking to a previous visitor
Arriving in Solomon Islands
When did you arrive in Solomon Islands? May 2003
Did you encounter any bureaucratic difficulties? no
What was your first impression after arrival? oppressive heat, poverty in paradise
Living in Solomon Islands
What did positively surprise you? the warm and friendly nature of the locals with their contagious smiles
What did negatively surprise you? "Solomon time" makes organized and productive work difficult
What took longest to get used to? the tropical heat that makes you tired
What did you miss most in Solomon Islands? a decent meat dish
What should you have brought along? an ant trap and less long-sleeved and long-legged clothing
What did you do to prevent malaria? Lariam prophylaxis
Place and province where you spent most of your time? Honiara, Honiara-City
Where did you stay? Kiwi-House; Transitflat, Seventh-day Adventist compound
How long did you stay at each location? 3 and 6 weeks
How much did you pay for each? [-] and SBD 2,250
Where did you usually eat? home, hospital cafeteria, Seoul Cafeteria (restaurant)
What did you typically pay for a normal meal? SBD 10 to 15
What local food/beverage did you like most? fresh fruit and vegetables, mango drink
What local food/beverage did you like least? meat dishes
Working in Solomon Islands
How did you usually go to work? walk, by bus
Where did you work? NRH
What was your occupation? medical student
What were your working days and hours? 7.45 - 12 am, 1.30 - 5.30 pm
What was particularly difficult in regard to your work? too many local registrars during the first month
Did you feel accepted by the locals? yes
What did you usually do in your spare time after work? cooking, eating, internet, partnership, reading
Leaving Solomon Islands and looking back
When did you leave Solomon Islands? August 2003
How long was your stay? 3 months
How do you judge the length of your stay? just about right
What did you learn from the locals? no stress
Your advice to prospective visitors? inform yourself, keep your expectations low, be flexible
What did you miss most when back at home again? the marvelous landscape
What did you enjoy most when back at home again? fine meat dishes, family, friends
Would you go back for another stay? yes
Estimated total cost of your stay (including travel costs)? CHF 6,000
Additional comments? It was an unforgettable time with many ups and downs I would not want to miss. I am glad I did part of my elective in Solomon Islands.

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