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Still Going, Swiss Going

container at NRH
Container 2011 inside hospital compound

Before I begin this tale which ended well on the 26th of March 2011 at the Solomon Islands Ports, I would like to thank a few groups which put everything finally together. To Serah Wickham and your hard working Customs Officers, To the Ports Authority team and Quarantine Team working hard on the weekend the container arrived. If it wasn't for your understanding about the importance of the container we wouldn't have opened the container then for the engineer Mr. Ernst Knellwolf to install quickly before his flight on Monday the 28th of April 2011. To Robert Chow and the team from Red Devil Transport many thanks for bringing the container to the hospital. All in all without your understanding to have the container released that would have created more problems.

Once again our "Swiss Association for South Pacific Medical Project" has filled up the NEED GAP which for the past years Solomon Islands has long awaited. Through its long time friend and Surgeon Dr Hermann Oberli and the many new friends it has forged we can now do more procedures not only in Surgery but also in the diagnostic area. When asking the question why we need such assistance from outside it is only because of the fact that the time for waiting is just too long but services have to continue. The contents of the container is a mountable X-ray machine and an ultrasound machine which has been earmarked for Buala, Isabel, two image intensifier machines (portable x-ray machines with monitors) for the use in the National Referral Hospital Operating Theatre. These two machines were the primary reasons for sending the container in the first place and I believe more surgery and non surgery treatment in trauma care management is now possible.

It has been three year or more now since the last machine broke down which was also part of a Swiss donation of 5 Image intensifiers in the past which only illustrates the importance of use in the department. Owning one's machine is an easy notion however taking care of it in the form of correct use, regular checks and maintenance is but the real challenge. With close collaboration with Dr Oritaimae and the Radiology department along with the Biomedical department in the hospital there is now hope for the future.

Valuable goods - safe arrival in Honiara

Apart from these machines we have received plenty of consumable medical supplies in the form of splints, materials, tubes just to name a few.

Thank you one and all for helping out in bringing these important equipments vital for diagnosing and treating our people in Solomon Islands.


© April 2011, Dr Alex Bradley Munamua