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Grabbing the opportunity, Having a second chance

Solomon Islands in its current state, cannot provide the kind of Healthcare its people need but through the kindness and generosity of its friends within and outside has managed to curtail the many challenges faced every day, year in, year out. For the many that did not realise what happened in the year 2012; so many good things happened of which one was the chance for 3 Solomon Islanders who had Total Knee Replacements.

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Dr. Liu, Ping-Cheng from Kaohsiung Municipal Hsiao-Kang Hospital was operating TKR with the assistant from NRH Orthopedic team

Through our strong ties with Republic of China - Taiwan, an Orthopaedic Team came over and did three Total Knee Replacements at the National Referral Hospital free of charge and all of which have fully recovered and enjoying the treatment. Meeting two of the recipients, Mrs May Campbell and Mrs Christina Munamua, both have expressed overwhelming, gratitude and appreciation. "This is indeed a blessing in disguise for me as now I can walk around with less pain than before the operation" states Mrs Campbell. "Thank you Taiwan for doing this for us" replies Mrs Munamua when asked how she feels after the operation.

Total Knee Replacement is surgical procedure basically replacing a damaged knee joint with prosthetic joint ends improving motion and having less pain. It is done mostly in more developed countries because of the better Surgical Care Standards and affordability of the costly implants.

Future of such operations is futile for a country like Solomon Islands because of the costs and expertise involved thus we will continue to rely on our True Friends like Taiwan who will always show kindness to us whenever we are in need and ask for it. Thank you so much Taiwan from all the patients you have helped and Happy 30th Anniversary. God bless Solomon Islands.

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R.O.C. (Taiwan) Embassy Ambassador Roy Wu visited the patients at the NRH on the 14th, with accompany of Dr. Liu, Ping-Cheng

© March 2013, Dr Alex Bradley Munamua