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PIOA Module 3 Report, Honiara, October 12 to October 22, 2013

By Dr Alex Bradley Munamua

What did I learn during third module?

  1. I learnt about Arthroplasty and especially the Australian Joint Registry on how to select which implant to use in patients
  2. I learnt about common conditions of the hip.
  3. I learnt about surgical approaches to the hip.
  4. I learnt about management of SUFE.
  5. Practical sessions on skin traction and Thomas splint.
  6. Practical sessions on total hip replacement and also the application of cement.

How will the things I learn change the way I practice Orthopedics in the Solomon Islands?

Learning surgical approaches will now enable me to safely do hip approaches and avoid complications.

Despite hip replacement being an uncommon surgical procedure in the Solomon Islands it is good to know about it to manage people who may present to the clinic with implants already in situ.

What do I want to learn in the future?

Now after learning about the hip I would like to start doing Hemiarthroplasty and hip surgery.

I would also like to learn about hip arthroscopy.

© November 2013, Dr Alex Bradley Munamua