Allgemeine Bücher / General Reading

    Geschichten aus der Südsee, Herausgeber Peter-Matthias Gaede
    GEO, 2002, ISBN 3-570-19349-7

    Die GEO Serie aus dem Jahr 2000 über Vanuatu, die Salomonen und Papua-Neuguinea in Buchform mit vielen Bildern.

    Von den Salomonen haben die Autoren die folgenden Inseln besucht: Tikopia, Vanikoro, Ndende, Guadalcanal, Malaita, New Georgia, Vella Lavella.

    by Lucy Irvine
    Corgi Books, 2001, ISBN 0-552-14680-3

    Lucy Irvine spent a year with her children on Pigeon Island, Temotu Province, and wrote about her experience and the interesting life of Diana Hepworth and her family.

    by Jack London
    Dover Publications, Inc., 2000, ISBN 0-486-41284-2, paperback
    with 119 original photographs

    Jack London sailed his custom-built yacht from San Francisco to Australia in the years 1907-1909. In chapter XV he writes about the Solomons and in chapter XVI he gives an interesting introduction to "Bêche de Mer English" (Melanesian pidgin).

    Most of Jack London's books are also available online for free. A good collection (including "The Cruise of the Snark" and "South Sea Tales") can be found on Project Gutenberg.

  • SOLOMON ISLANDS A South Seas Journey
    by Michael McCoy
    Zipolo Habu Publishing, Munda, Solomon Islands, 2006, ISBN 978-982-98011-1-1
    32 x 24 cm, 176 pages, full color throughout

    A photographic book portraying the coral reefs and rainforests as well as the cultures of the peoples of the Solomons; the author having lived there for 26 years.

    Adventures in the South Pacific by Will Randall
    Abacus paperback, 2002, ISBN 0-349-11502-8, Paperback

    The author set up a basic business to produce some income for the villagers of Mendali, Western Province.

    Unter Krokodilen
    Ein Engländer auf den Solomon Inseln von Will Randall
    Goldmann Taschenbuch 2002, ISBN 3-442-45312-7

    Der Autor baute in Mendali, West Provinz, einen Kleinbetrieb auf, damit die Dorfbewohner etwas Geld verdienen können.

    by Nigel Randell
    Constable & Robinson, 2003, ISBN 1-84119-601-0, Hardcover, 331 pages, 20 illustrations

    The intriguing story of the young Scotish sailor Jack Renton who was washed ashore on Malaita in the late 1860s and lived there until 1875. The author compares Renton's account of his adventures published in an Australian paper with oral history passed on in Solomon Islands and Vanuatu. Contains a lot of interesting background information about the history of Solomon Islands from the time Mendana arrived in 1568 until the early 20th century.

    Paddling the Pacific by Paul Theroux
    Penguin paperback, 1992, ISBN 0-140-15976-2

    The author visited various places in the Pacific Ocean. In chapter 8 he writes about Honiara and in chapter 9 about Savo Island. Insiders say, his description of Honiara is still valid...

    Die glücklichen Inseln Ozeaniens
    von Paul Theroux
    dtv Taschenbuch 2001, ISBN 3-423-20224-6>

    Der Autor besuchte verschiedene Orte im pazifischen Ozean. In Kapitel 8 schreibt er über Honiara, in Kapitel 9 über die Insel Savo. Kenner sagen, seine Beschreibung von Honiara treffe noch heute zu...

  • TOKELAU - 200 TAGE
    Bericht aus einem sinkenden Paradies von Anke Richter
    Egmont vgs verlagsgesellschaft, 2003, ISBN 3-8025-1527-7

    Der Urologe Frank Küppers, die Journalistin Anke Richter und ihr vierjähriger Sohn Jasper ziehen für sieben Monate auf das nördlichste Atoll von Tokelau, Atafu, wo Frank Küppers als Arzt arbeitet.

    Tokelau liegt ein ganzes Stück weiter östlich von den Salomon-Inseln und seine Bewohner sind Polynesier, nicht Melanesier, wie die meisten Bewohner der Salomonen, aber das Buch gibt einen guten Einblick in die Freuden und Leiden, die ein Leben im Südpazifik mit sich bringen kann.


Fauna und Flora / Fauna and Flora

  • Birds of The Solomons, Vanuatu & New Caledonia
    Chris Doughty, Illustrations: Nicolas Day, Andrew Plant
    Helm Field Guides
    Christopher Helm Publishers Ltd., 1999, ISBN 0-7136-4690-X, Paperback, 208 pages, 91 color plates (no photos) and 340 distribution maps, covers 362 species

  • Birds of the southwest Pacific
    Ernst Mayr
    The Macmillan Co., New York, 1945, out of print but may be found used e.g. at Amazon.

    This book of the great zoologist is an ornithological field guide to the area between Samoa, New Caledonia, and Melanesia. It gives short descriptions of the bird species occurring on the islands and contains three colour plates and several black&white drawings of birds. [pd]

  • Reef and Rainforest
    Michael McCoy
    CSIRO Publishing, 2010, ISBN 9780643096950, Paperback, 256 pages, 297 x 210 mm, approx. 250 color photographs, of which around 40% are from Solomon Islands (mostly underwater), 50% from Australia and 10% from Papua New Guinea.

  • Reptiles of Solomon Islands
    Michael McCoy
    PENSOFT Publishers, 2006, ISBN 9546422754, Hardcover, 212 pages, b/w drawings, map, 64 color plates with 128 color photos, covers 85 reptiles

  • The Birds of Northern Melanesia
    Speciation, Ecology, and Biogeography
    Ernst Mayr and Jared Diamond
    Oxford University Press, 2002, ISBN 0-19-514170-9, Hardback, 516 pages, 9pp color plates, numerous maps and tables

    Ernst Mayr (1904 - 2005) , "Darwin's apostle", was one of the principle architects of the "neo-Darwinian synthesis". At expeditions in 1928 and the early thirties of the last century to New Guinea and the Solomon Islands he investigated the avifauna of the northern Melanesian islands thoroughly. So it seems unlikely that any new species of birds remained undetected, he writes in this highly informative book. [pd]


Medizinische Themen / Medical Subjects

  • If your mother tongue is German:
    Medical English von Peter Gross, Thieme Verlag, deutsch-englisch,
    4. Auflage 2002, ISBN 3-13-726304-2, ca EUR 30
    Carlo Camathias schrieb: Es stehen so ziemlich alle Abkürzungen drin, wie man eine engl. Anamnese erhebt usw.

  • Medical Practice in Developing Countries
    A comprehensive manual for physicans, nurses und paramedics working under limited conditions
    M. Krawinkel / H. Renz-Polster (ed.)
    Urban & Fischer Verlag, 1995, ISBN: 382431276X, out of print

  • Oxford handbook of clinical surgery
    McLatchie, G. R. / D. J. Leaper (ed.)
    Oxford University Press, 2nd ed. 2001, ISBN 019-262638-8, ca EUR 35

  • Zwischen Wasser und Urwald
    Albert Schweitzer
    Beck, 1995, ISBN: 3406374883
    Dr. Oberli schrieb: Viele seiner Aussagen von 1914 lassen sich wortwörtlich auf die Situation hier übertragen, und eigentlich sollten es alle, die auf den Solomons arbeiten wollen, vor der Abreise lesen.

    The Primeval Forest: Including On the Edge of the Primeval Forest and More from the Primeval Forest
    Albert Schweitzer
    Johns Hopkins Univ Press, 1998, ISBN: 0801859581
    Dr. Oberli wrote: Much of what he wrote in 1914 fully applies to the situation here, in fact, everybody who wants to work in Solomon Islands should read it before coming here.

  • Where There Is No Doctor
    A village health care handbook by David Werner with Carol Thuman and Jane Maxwell
    Hesperian Foundation, Second revised edition: 1992, Eleventh revised printing: August 2010, English ed. ISBN13: 978-0-942364-15-6, ISBN10: 0-942364-15-5, Paperback, 512 pages, illustrated

    Das Buch hat 100% den Nagel auf den Kopf getroffen, als wir als medizinische Freiwillige in den Bergen von Honduras gewohnt haben, obwohl die Informationen für die 3. Welt allgemein geschrieben wurde. Ich empfehle es für alle Freiwillige, Missionare usw. [mks]


Reiseführer / Travel Guides

Wichtige Bemerkung: Erwarten Sie nicht, dass die Reiseführer auf dem neuesten Stand sind. Die meisten Reiseführer sind schon ziemlich alt und neue sind selten, aber selbst wenn ein Führer kürzlich erschienen ist, werden mindestens die Preise kaum aktuell sein.

Important Note: Do not expect the travel guides to be up-to-date. Most travel guides are quite old and new ones are rare, but even in a recently published guide at least prices will hardly be current.

  • Papua New Guinea & Solomon Islands 7th Edition
    Andrew Burke, Rowan McKinnon, Arnold Barkhordarian, Sean Dorney, Tim Flannery
    Lonely Planet, May 2005, ISBN: 1740592077, ca US$30

    Only about 17 of a total of 272 pages specifically cover Solomon Islands. There are no details about the Makira-Ulawa, Isabel, Choiseul, and Temotu provinces.

  • Pidgin Englisch für Papua-Neuginea 2nd Edition
    Albrecht G. Schaefer
    REISE KNOW-HOW Verlag Peter Rump GmbH, Mai 2001, ISBN: 3-89416-089-6, ca EUR 8

  • Pidgin phrasebook 2nd Edition
    Trevor Balzer, Ernest W Lee, Paul Monaghan
    Lonely Planet, July 1999, ISBN: 0864425872, ca US$6

  • Pijin: A trilingual cultural dictionary
    Jourdan, Christine (in collaboration with Ellen Maebiru)
    Pl 526
    Published by Pacific Linguistics, 2002, ISBN: 0 85883 446 4, xxiv + 403 pp, ca A$ 90 (out of print available as PDF file only)

    An excellent, trilingual dictionary (English, French, SI Pidgin) from Australian National University's linguistics department. It contains a few anatomical terms. [kh]

  • Südsee Reisehandbuch 4. Auflage
    Karl-Wilhelm Berger
    Iwanowski's Reisebuchverlag GmbH, 2002, ISBN: ISBN 3-923975-59-7, ca EUR 26

  • Out of print but may be found used e.g. at Amazon:
    Solomon Islands 3rd Edition
    David Harcombe, Mark Honan
    Lonely Planet, August 1997, ISBN: 0864424051
    Carlo Camathias commented in 2001: A good book, but make your own discoveries, too.

  • South Pacific 2nd Edition
    Geert Cole, Susannah Farfor, Leanne Logan et al
    Lonely Planet, October 2003, ISBN: 1864503025, ca US$26

    David Stanley
    Moon Handbooks, November 2004, ISBN: 1566914116, ca US$25


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