Gizo Hospital


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SIBC News, July 22, 2016

A fire has completely destroyed the old Gizo Hospital. Pharmacy, kitchen and administration for the new hospital were housed in the old buildings.

Solomon Star, August 3, 2012:

The new Gizo hospital can accommodate 82 patients and is in use since March 2012. However, kitchen and laundry are still to be completed.

Message from Gizo Hospital received on December 17, 2007:

We at Gizo are operating back again at half the service we use to. This means that we don't do surgery like c-section and appendicectomy, just minor incision and drainage of wounds and wound debridement etc, very minor operations (not requiring general anaesthesia). We are hoping to be fully operational by mid 2008. We still however accept medical students who wish to learn about the tropical diseases we see here as well as learn the basics of surgery. We also go for medical tours (as booked) on a regular basis, depending on funding.

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Gizo Hospital
Gizo Hospital
Photo J. Burren, 2006
Gizo Hospital Gizo Hospital Gizo Hospital
Gizo Hospital
Photos A. Brand, 2004 Photo V. Gisler, 2004
preparing for... the outpatients minor OT
Preparing for... the outpatients Minor OT
Photos A. Brand, 2004 Photo N. Meyer, 2001
Outpatient Clinic entrance Outpatient Clinic Minor OT
Outpatient Clinic entrance Outpatient Clinic Minor OT
Photos J. Burren, 2006


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New Gizo Hospital aerial View

Other provincial health facilities (not complete):

Name: Emu Harbour Health Center
Type: Area Health Center / mini hospital for Central and North Ranongga
Place: North Ranongga Island
Services: average of 20-25 patients a day, some 33 births in 2009 (some 50 in 2008)
Operating hours: 24h
History: converted to AHC in 1996, operational funding by communities and province
Rooms: general outpatient area, office, general ward, post and anti-natal ward, delivery ward
Staff houses: 2
Staff: 5 (including malaria lab technician)
Problems: [Jan 2010] lack of space, water supply (plumbing is there but water pressure is too low to reach center), no water tank

Name: Keigol Clinic
Type: Rural Health Center
Place: in the mountains near Mondo on Ranongga Island
Services: provided for some 400 people
Operating hours:
History: opened in August 2009 (funded by Japan)
Rooms: outpatient area, general ward, office/radio room, store room
Equipment: solar powered lighting and 2-way radio
Staff houses: 1
Staff: 1
Problems: [Jan 2010] lack of medical supplies, lack of furniture

Name: Ngari Aid Post
Type: Aid Post
Place: Western end of Gizo
Operating hours:
History: opened in October 2010 (funded by the Rotary Club of Glass House Mountains, Australia)
Rooms: admission room, delivery room, pharmacy, office
Staff houses:

As of October 2010, there are 60 aid posts in Western Province.