Jubilee House Fact Sheet




Some pictures are available here.

Purpose: accommodation for medical, midwifery and nursing students working at the National Referral Hospital in Honiara. Replacement for the old Kiwi-House.

Background:Officially opened on May 14, 2013.

Labour and materials for the job were donated by three New Zealand businesses active in the Pacific: Timber Construction Solutions Ltd, Weck's ITM and What Power Crisis Ltd, along with their Solomons partner Tong's Corp. Interior fit-out, furnishings and landscaping were provided by local Soroptimists and expat groups. The NZ and British High Commissions supported the enterprise from their head of mission funds.

The house has been named Jubilee House, to acknowledge the Jubilee Year of Queen Elizabeth II, 2012, when the reconstruction project begun. [Source]

Location: On the hospital compound, same place as the old Kiwi-House.

Rooms: Four bedrooms with two beds each, a bathroom and a kitchen

Bedclothes: provided by the hospital, but bringing along a single sheet (or a light sleeping bag) might be a good idea, just in case nobody is around when you arrive.

Cost: (as of October 20, 2016) SBD 200/night

Important notes:

Friends or partners who are not students or registrars cannot stay at the Jubilee House. They have to organize an accommodation on their own (see General Information for possibilities). On the other hand, students are expected to stay at the Jubilee House, if room is available, so they are near the hospital in case of emergencies.

There is no guarantee a room will be available at the Jubilee House. Since many students apply for an elective, but in the end do not show up, keeping track of the use of the rooms is an almost impossible job. So it is simply handled according to the rule "first come, first served". Does that mean, you will end up having to stay in a guest house, which will cost you 60 times the room rate for a two-month stay? No, this would really be an absolute worst case situation, don't worry, there is almost always an opportunity to lower the costs, e.g. sharing a room with a colleague, home sitting etc.