Kirakira Hospital

Photos courtesy Paul Chapman

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Kirakira airstrip at 6:15pm
Photo P. Chapman, 2005

Information provided in May 2005 by Dr Kenton Sade, doctor and director of Kirakira Hospital who will soon take up another position. He will be followed by Dr Michael Vavala.

Hospital: Kirakira Hospital is a Provincial Base Hospital, with a maximum of 80 beds however, we are currently using 60 beds. The hospital has an outpatients department, general wards - 2 male, 2 female, 1 children's, and 2 TB wards (male & female); the maternity - 1 antenatal ward, 1 postnatal ward, 1 delivery room. We also have an operating theatre.

soccer field and hospital Paul Chapman and crew beach
Kirakira Hospital and soccer field Paul Chapman and the Kirakira crew Kirakira beach
Photos P. Chapman, 2005

The hospital is also the administrative centre for the provincial health services, especially the Primary Health Care Services.

clinic boat in the boat clinic buildings
Clinic day at Three Sisters Islands (north of Kirakira) En route to Santa Ana Island Clinic (SE Makira) Women's Health Clinic on Santa Ana Island (SE Makira)
Photos P. Chapman, 2005

Cases: The hospital sees a wide range of clinical presentations: infections - malaria, pneumonia, are quite common, others such as meningitis especially in children are seen often. We have a lot of elderly with COAD (Chronic Obstructive Airways Disease) without and with complications. For obstetric care, we attend to normal deliveries to complicated ones. Recently we have undertaken to do Caesarian Sections and other major abdominal surgeries such as laparotomy, appendisectomy.

Students: Students can apply for an elective in Kirakira Hospital. Students who wish to experience primary health care will have the opportunity to do so and that can be arranged at the hospital.


Rosalie Schultz: A two-year placement in the Solomon Islands
in the Makira Ulawa Province from February 2002 to February 2004
The Medical Journal of Australia Volume 181 2004, No. 11/12 6/20 Dec 2004, p 604-605

24.04.04 People from Makira appreciate their Health Director

15.11.04 Japan supports Kirakira Hospital

18.08.05 A good training opportunity for midwives

09.06.06 Problems in Makira Ulawa Province

24.07.06 Kirakira Hospital renovated

30.09.13 Namuga Hospital Project

Makira Ulawa Provincial Health Services:
[Source: Solomon Star 03 Nov 2009]

Total staff: 3 doctors and about 86 registered nurses and nurse aids (44 of them serving at Kirakira Hospital) for an estimated population of 40,596.

  • 5 Area Health Centers:
    - Kirakira Hospital (Central Makira)
    - Tawaraha (West Makira)
    - Parego (South Makira)
    - Namuga (East Makira)
    - Taheramo (Ulawa/Ugi)
  • 17 Rural Health Clinics
  • 1 Rural Health Clinic operated by the Seventh-day Adventist Church
  • 16 Nurse Aid Posts
  • 2 Nurse Aid Posts operated by the Seventh-day Adventist Church
  • 1 Nurse Aid Post operated by the Church of Melanesia
  • 1 Nurse Aid Post operated by the Roman Catholic Church
  • 3 Dispensaries