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Jiri Hospital, Dolakha, Nepal

Dr. Roshan Kathri, Medical Director

Who are we?

Dolakha District Hopital, Jiri, is the district hospital of Dolakha District, Janakpur Zone, Central Development Region, Nepal. It is located 188 km from the capital Kathmandu and situated at about 1,950 meters above sea level.

It is a govemnment institution, established in 1960 by the Swiss Government Multifaceted Development Plan in Jiri. In 1972 the hospital was handed over to he Government of Nepal. It is one of four Government Hospitals in Nepal, run under the Public Private Partnership model (PPP).

Under the PPP model, the hospital is operated by the Hospital Operational and Management Committee under the supervision of the Central Health Directorate and the Ministry of Health, Nepal. Through this committee the hospital currently operates 45 beds to meet the high patient load.

What do we do?

Clinical Services

Through its trained staff the hospital provides cost-effective, compassionate and quality health services to a population of about 25,000 in the most underveloped region of Nepal. The majority of patients seeking services are from north-east Dolakha, the northern parts of Ramechap and various regions of Okhaldhunga, extending up to western Solukhumbu.

Dolakha District Hospital provides basic health care as well as preventive medicine. It operates 24 hrs inpatient services with a doctor, a paramedic and nurses on duty. It also runs round-the-clock emergency services dealing with the management of critically ill or injured patients.

The hospital also runs a state of the art Operating Theater with doctors and well trained nursing staff fully qualified to undertake major surgical operations. It also has a fully operational Dental Department with a full-time dental surgeon and an assistant. Dolakha Hospital also has a fully functional Community Eye Center, providing opthalmological services, and also a physiothaerapy and pain management clinic.

There are diagnostic facilites including a well equipped laboratoy service, performing blood cultures and sensitivity tests. Good radio-diagnostic imaging and ultra-sonography investigation for clinical use are also provided.

Dolakha District Hospital also organizes specialized Health Camps by inviting highly specified clinicians from time to time, according to necessity and demand.

Academic Center

Dolakha District Hospital serves as a perfect academic center with its comprehensive health services. The doctors and staff of the institution are well qualified in training nursing, paramedics and medical students both from inside and outside the country as well.

Since its establishment, Auxiliary Nurse Midwife (ANM) students from Jiri Technical School work on-the-job and train throughout the year for clinical courses and hospital posting. The hospital also hosts international medical students regularly for rural clinical practice and health care management.

Social responsibility

Dolakha District Hospital operates all preventive and promotive health services run by a district hospital under the Ministry of Health and the Government of Nepal. It runs maternal and child health care facilities, immunization programs under the Expanded Program of Immunization, regular vaccination, mass immunization programs, familiy planning and counselling services.

The hospital also undertakes social initiatives for better health of the populations in its catchment area. Public health awareness campaigns, outreach camps and special interaction programs fort the public fall under its annual calendar programs.

Vision and Mission


Provide accessible quality health services to establish itself as a model hospital.


Dolakha District Hospital commits itself to deliver quality health care for people to achieve their best quality of life.


Information for medical students

Medical electives are possible.

Cost: about 100 USD for the hospital

Length of elective: 8 to 16 weeks, 4 weeks are considered too short

Accommodation: possibly on the hospital campus, else in a guesthouse or even a tent.

Food: very basic and low cost in the hospital canteen or in the village

E-Mail address: contact us

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Jiri Hospital
Jiri Hospital October 2016 Photo H. Oberli
Ward round
Ward round October 2016 Photo H. Oberli
Jiri Bazar
Jiri Bazar October 2016 Photo H. Oberli


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