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All projects are planned and realized in close cooperation with the Ministries of Health and are part of the official Health Services.


George Kabwere has successfully completed an AO course in Sydney, Australia in April. Read his report here.

Switzerland's smallest hospital in Santa Maria has donated a good but redundant ultrasound machine and Dr Theo Fellenberg traveled to Buala (Isabel Province) to instruct its use. Read his report (in German) here.




Container transport for collected goods

After searching for several years without luck we located and acquired at last two second-hand X-ray image intensifiers, important machines used during surgical procedures. Now it was reason enough to load and transport one 20ft container full of medical equipment - donated by several Swiss hospitals (KS Altdorf-Uri, KS St.Gallen, KS Luzern and others) - to the Solomon Islands. Trucks from Wenger-Transporte collected donated medical equipment from many hospitals and doctors' offices throughout Switzerland and took it to Interlaken: X-ray machines, one machine for diagnostic sonography (Hospital in Sta.Maria, Val Müstair), wheelchairs, examination tables, surgical instruments and implants, OT lights, all kinds of disposables, infusion sets etc. After several hours of hard work on December 20 last year (a cold winter day) the 20ft container was so full of valuable goods that it was hard to close the waterproof doors. The same day the container was sent off to Bremerhaven and from there by ship to Honiara, ETA March 04 2011. On that same day two people from Switzerland planned to arrive in Honiara in order to help with the distribution and installation of the equipment: Dr.Theodor von Fellenberg and Ernst Knellwolf, electrical engineer. Both of them had previously helped in the Solomons as volunteers on several occasions. Due to icy conditions in Northern Germany the container arrived there one week late and unfortunately the tsunami in Japan caused further disruption of shipping schedules. Finally the container arrived on March 26, just two days before Ernst had to leave. Fortunately the harbor and customs authorities in Honiara were very helpful and understanding and cleared the container immediately. Luckily Ernst on his very last day managed to install the image intensifiers in the operating rooms in Honiara. Theodor still had some time left to help in many ways, shipped his ultrasound machine to Buala hospital, Isabel Province, installed it and instructed local medical staff.

image intensifiers
Image intensifiers - precious freight
Wheelchairs - scarce in Solomon Islands
fully packed container
The container is fully packed
The container in winterly Interlaken

See also Dr Alex Munamua's report Still Going, Swiss Going.


Introduction of new techniques